Whether constructing new developments or redeveloping existing ones, Atapco seeks to do so in a way that reduces the impact upon the environment during the construction phase and through every stage of the building lifecycle. We are dedicated to developing and operating properties in environmentally and socially responsible ways that create shared long-term value and growth for all stakeholders, and we take seriously our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and uphold the highest standards of sustainability.

As part of our commitment, we utilize the knowledge and experience of our in-house LEED-accredited professionals to evaluate our current properties and implement improvements that result in higher efficiency, healthier environments and lower operating costs.


Our portfolio of older buildings, built before sustainable design initiatives came into practice, provides us with an opportunity to achieve greenhouse gas reductions and improvements in operational performance by:

  1. Instituting building-wide recycling programs
  2. Using of renewable and reusable materials
  3. Allocating resources for tenant improvements
  4. Installing lighting retrofits and occupancy sensors
  5. Incorporating photovoltaic solar arrays


When developing properties, we utilize that same practical experience to implement green design standards and building technologies into all of our projects. These practices result in high-quality, high-performance buildings that enhance the wellbeing of their occupants, the environment and the community. Well-managed sustainability strategies not only reduce pressure on our resources, they also yield operational cost savings, create healthier and more productive work and living environments, and more valuable assets.

Each building we develop or redevelop is unique and presents various sustainability challenges and opportunities. A flexible approach is key. Our team’s extensive experience enables us to utilize green-building best practices along with innovative technologies to provide creative solutions that reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste and create healthy, productive environments.

Whether it’s harnessing the power of geothermal or solar technology, choosing sites that are close to mass transit or in walkable communities, or incorporating rain water harvesting systems, we are dedicated to finding better ways of doing things and providing a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.